Useful Practitioner Documents

Governance Institute’s Useful Practitioner Documents service provides members with examples of documents commonly used by other company secretaries, governance professionals and administrators which may be of assistance to you in carrying out your responsibilities.

Naturally, not every possible document is included here. View a list of documents that are available.

We have attempted to include multiple examples of each kind of document. Your organisation’s circumstances will guide your choice as to which example of document type best suits your needs. All documents are considered initial drafts only, and after members have downloaded and modified any document to suit their purposes, they should consult legal counsel, as appropriate.

The documents in this service are donated by other members. We encourage you to donate a document so that this continues to be a valuable service to other members.

View the terms and conditions of donating documents to, and/or accessing documents from, the Useful Practitioner Document Service.

The Search function will not bring up any results unless the user logs in. The Useful Practitioner Documents are only available to members.

Title Article summary Date published

A charter for a committee responsible for the oversight of specific projects.


A protocol to ensure the efficient and effective preparation of agendas and papers for board and committee meetings.


An index detailing the information contained in a director induction pack


A letter confirming the appointment of a council member to an incorporated body


An agenda planner for meetings of the board of directors


A resolution of a directors' meeting approving the transfer of shares and a process for certification


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