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Title Article summary Date published
  • Crowd-sourced equity funding to be extended to proprietary companies
  • NZX launches new governance code
  • Australian consumer law review and charitable fundraising reform
  • Inquiry into modern slavery welcomed by big investors
  • Zilla Efrat speaks to Karin Halliday about how the value of a company can be impacted by the fairness of its pay structures and employee engagement.
  • A new international compliance standard was released in late 2015 using AS3806 as the starting point.
  • The ISO Standard is based upon principles of good governance, proportionality and sustainability.
  • The ISO Standard requires a holistic management standard approach to compliance arrangements to be hardwired built into wider organisational structures policies and procedures
  • A cultural environment in which people feel not only safe to speak up but expected to, is essential to achieving an organisation’s governance objectives.
  • Every member of your team needs to be held accountable for doing their part to protect the interests of the organisation and its stakeholders.
  • Inspire people to want to behave with integrity and contribute to the full extent of their potential, and governance standards are likely to be achieved.
  • Draft legislation introduces a ‘safe harbour’ for directors from personal liability in certain circumstances.
  • One of the key changes the safe harbour protection introduces is, where solvency is in doubt, a company may incur further debts if part of a reasonable course of action.
  • Directors will need to be conscious of the specifics of how the safe harbour provisions will operate in practice

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