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Application for advancement to Fellow

You can apply to become a Fellow member if you have been granted Associate standing with Governance Institute and you have at least eight years relevant experience, or periods totalling at least eight years**, and for three of the last ten years, you have been one of the following:

  • a company secretary or assistant company secretary
  • a senior executive or in an administrative position that, in the Governance Institute Council’s view, has at least the same status as a Company Secretary or Assistant Company Secretary
  • a senior academic in a university, or other higher or further education body
  • a member in public practice
  • or alternatively, completion of other professional development considered as relevant by the Governance Institute Council.

**Please note: The eight-year qualifying period may be reduced by up to three years, where you have one of the following:

  • a degree from a University that the Governance Institute Council considers of suitable academic standing
  • a diploma or other certificate that is nationally-recognised as being equivalent to a degree from such a University
  • a professional qualification that the Governance Institute Council recognises as warranting a reduction
  • or alternatively, completion of other professional development that the Governance Institute Council considers as warranting a reduction.

Note: These are fillable PDF forms but must be downloaded and saved to your chosen folder otherwise changes will be lost.

Download application for advancement to Fellow.

Download membership application or advancement notes.


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