Continuing professional development (CPD)

The governance and risk landscape is constantly evolving, presenting new challenges to companies striving for responsible performance.

This is why all Governance Institute members* are required to complete continuing professional development hours over a period of three years, ensuring they are always equipped with the highest standard and most up-to-date knowledge and skills.

*apart from retired members or members granted partial or total exemption because of special circumstances.

Continuing professional development hours can be either structured or unstructured.

Structured activity includes:

Face to face icon Presentation materials icon Online training icon

Writing articles icon

Face-to-face attendance at personal development events (external or in-house training), such as courses, seminars, conferences and conventions, workshops and masterclasses. Preparation and/or presentation of materials for courses, seminars, conferences and conventions, workshops, masterclasses, committees and discussion groups. Completion of online training for professional development and skills improvement. Writing articles about governance and risk management (more than 1,000 words) in published journals, newspapers, websites and newsletters.

Unstructured activity includes:

Attendance groups icon Reading icon
Attendance at discussion groups, committees and networking events. Reading and studying materials from journals, podcasts, CDs and DVDs and audio tapes. 

Required professional development hours

  Structured hours required over three years Unstructured hours over three years Total hours required over three years Minimum yearly commitment (total of structured and unstructured)
Certificated members 30 20 50 10
Fellow and Associate members 45 30 75 15

Governance Institute offers a wide range of structured courses, professional development seminars and briefings, updates and conferences making it easy for our members to meet their continuing professional development requirements. However, attendance at relevant courses and events from other professional bodies can also apply.

For more information about how to log hours or apply for special exemption click here.


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