Your CPD requirements

Our members are required to complete a number of continuing professional development (CPD) hours every three years to ensure they are always equipped with the most up-to-date knowledge and skills.

  Structured hours Unstructured hours Total hours required Minimum yearly commitment (structured and unstructured)
Certificated members 30 20 50 10
Fellow and Associate members 45 30 75 15

We offer a wide range of structured and unstructured activities from courses to networking events, making it easy for you to meet your CPD requirements.

Relevant courses and events from other professional bodies can also apply.

Structured activities include:

Face to face icon Presentation materials icon Online training icon Writing articles icon

  • courses
  • seminars
  • conferences
  • workshops
  • masterclasses

Presenting materials at

  • courses
  • seminars
  • conferences
  • workshops
  • masterclasses
  • committee meetings
  • discussion groups
Completing online training

Writing articles about governance and risk management in 

  • journals
  • newspapers
  • websites
  • newsletters

Unstructured activities include:

Attendance groups icon Reading icon
Participating online in

  • discussion groups
  • committees
  • networking events

Reading and studying

  • journals
  • podcasts
  • CDs
  • DVDs
  • audio tapes

Keeping record of your CPD

 All members are responsible for maintaining a record of their CPD activities.

If you’re audited by Governance Institute , you will be required to submit your CPD activity and supporting documentation of attendance/completion.

Please retain a copy of your CPD information prior to submitting your activity.

Download a template here.

If you have any questions regarding CPD, please contact Governance Institute on (toll-free) 1800 251 849 or email