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Governance Institute launches ‘must-have’ guide for aged care directors


With profitability, return on assets and equity under pressure in what is soon to be the largest employer in the country, Governance Institute of Australia’s Adding value to governance in aged care is a ‘must have’ guide for directors and senior management facing the governance challenges of a sector going through unprecedented disruption.

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Governance Institute calls for ‘one-stop’ shop for whistleblowers


Governance Institute has called for a stand-alone, ‘one-stop-shop’ Act for corporate whistleblowers, saying that regulator -specific provisions across many pieces of legislation will not provide the best protection for those exposing misconduct.

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Proposed ASIC funding model will subsidise poor corporate behaviour


The funding model for ASIC being proposed by the Federal Government is likely to result in-well run and well-governed entities subsidising entities exhibiting poor corporate behaviour, claims Governance Institute of Australia.

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Governance Institute awards scholarships to three high-achievers


Governance Institute of Australia has awarded the 2016 Leonard Watson Chant Legacy postgraduate governance scholarship to three outstanding professionals. 

The scholarship covers the fees for each student’s preferred governance course, up to a maximum of AUD$13,038.

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Andrew Horne new president of Governance Institute


Governance Institute of Australia has elected senior corporate lawyer and governance professional Andrew Horne president effective 1 January 2017.

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Senate urged to delay recommendations until whistleblowing research released


Governance Institute is urging the Senate Inquiry into Scrutiny of Financial Advice not to make any recommendations on whistleblowing systems until the results of Australia’s largest whistleblowing research project are released.

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